10 Reasons not to follow this young woman on Instagram

(You may disagree, YMMV, etc.)

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Her Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/_jon._.king_
  1. It was hot yesterday, 95 and muggy. My dog Lenny and I were trying to enjoy the water in a section of stream that gathers into stepped, man-made pools designed to control the flow. We were in the second highest pooling area, and this girl — 11, maybe 12, years old, but I’m terrible at guessing ages — was two down, wading with the slow, deliberate steps you take when you want to feel the cool of the moving water against your feet. I wasn’t looking for conversation, and neither was my dog. The girl called, “Hi.” I looked at her, and she was waving shyly.
  • But, if you do want to give a follow to a smart, confident, friendly girl who could grow up to be anything and who, with her friend, took it upon themselves to try to clean up the park while cooling off in the water, here’s her Instagram again: https://www.instagram.com/_jon._.king_
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See? Cute.

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Author, THE AGE OF THE CHILD & others. Former adjunct prof & journo. Co-host, ChildfreeGirls series: youtube.com/c/childfreegirls. https://kristenjtsetsi.com

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