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“I can say only what I think, which all too often gets all mixed up with what I feel.” — Dorothy Parker, Address (extract), Esquire Magazine Symposium, 1958

Courtesy of Childfree Girls (of which I am one of three — find us at and listen to us where you get your podcasts)

I’m writing this bio because I sat down after lunch to get back to a novel I’m working on, came here for no good reason, and saw someone else’s “About.”

I should probably have an ‘About’ here, I thought.

Unlike a website bio, which seems like the kind of place…

Please know I appreciate your patience and understanding, and that I love you.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Sent: Saturday, 11:07 PM

Dear Jessica Vale,

In my recent email to you requesting representation for my literary novel Letters Lost, I neglected to include my telephone number. I apologize for the oversight. You’ll find the number in my signature below. …

Sandi had half of Mr. Belle’s yard to finish mowing when the DJs on the local station she streamed started telling a story about a man stuck in a hole in the ground. They slipped it in between a couple of the regular bits they often did — a man…

They’ll Think They Can Change Your Mind

Above: You, in their minds, when you do the “wrong” thing. Image: QuinceCreative on Pixabay

For an upcoming episode of Childfree Girls, we invited a guest who’d emailed us with a request to talk about her path to being childfree. She told us during our recording that she’d grown up assuming she’d have kids but later realized she didn’t want to be a parent.


Kristen Tsetsi

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