Hi, Tiffany -

Thanks for that thoughtful reply.

I can imagine that it would be challenging to realize later in life that you suddenly do want children, and I have sympathy for those who struggle with it once they arrive there.

On the other hand, telling people who know they don't want children at any given time that they might change their mind should only be considered appropriate if it would be equally appropriate to say to someone who's announced a pregnancy, "What if you realize you don't like parenting once you have a child? What if you regret it?" Neither party deserves to feel threatened in that way, or to feel pressured into a choice they're either not ready to make or that's too late to change.

I think as long as everyone thinks deeply about what they really want (why they want it, what some consequences might be, how their lives will look whatever choice they make), they'll make the best decision they possibly can. But many women have children because they think they're "supposed to," and that does no one any favors.

About Jackie - we at Childfree Girls actually interviewed her on our series about her book! She's absolutely wonderful, and I agree that This Particular Happiness is a must-read.

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