Does your partner think at-home (or other) social distancing is silly? Give them this.

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During this interesting time, there are a few reasons a live-in partner will ask you to keep six-ish feet of distance between the two of you at home or will beg you to social distance outside of the house:

  • You travel regularly for work
  • You stay in hotels whose sanitary practices can’t be verified/trusted/confirmed
  • You work in the health industry and are likely to come into contact with people who are infected
  • Your partner has read that many carriers are asymptomatic and can infect others without ever showing symptoms, themselves

You probably believe you won’t get it. Therefore, you might not think this whole COVID thing is a big enough deal for you to be forced to abstain from engaging physically with your partner. “Most people recover just fine,” you might argue. “If you get it, it’ll just be like any other sickness and you’ll get over it.”

You might also say to your partner, “You’re being ridiculous. You’re buying into the panic caused by the media.”

And you might say, “I’m not going to COVID you! I wash my hands. I don’t touch my face. I’m careful, okay? What more do you want?!”

No matter how paranoid, ridiculous, or over-anxious you believe your partner is being, there is a way to handle the request that you not hug or kiss for the next several months and that you avoid, when possible, breathing into each other’s breathing space:

The end.

I hope this has been helpful.


Someone who really doesn’t want the coronavirus and therefore insists on at-home social distancing when her travels-for-work partner comes home from a trip

Kristen Tsetsi is the author of the novel The Age of the Child, in which “Tsetsi asks provocative questions: first, what would happen if all forms of contraception were illegal? And then, what if those of us who want to be parents had to get a license to do it?” — Elizabeth Marro, author of Casualties. She is also one of the three Founding Non-Mothers of Childfree Girls.

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