1. It isn’t Ansari’s “feelings” that I’m defending, but his right to be inappropriate without an article being written about him that paints him as a sexual offender.
  2. If he was expected to read Grace’s subtle “cues” about not wanting sex, she was equally expected to read his very overt cues about wanting sex and only sex.
  3. If we all had articles written about us for every inappropriate moment in our lives, we’d need a whole bookstore for each display of this or that behavior. But fortunately for us, most of us aren’t famous and don’t have online magazines clamoring to publish attacks on our “I was kind of an asshole” moments for clicks.

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Author, THE AGE OF THE CHILD & others. Former adjunct prof & journo. Co-host, ChildfreeGirls series: youtube.com/c/childfreegirls. https://kristenjtsetsi.com

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