Re: the over-arching pro-choice position, I’ve always understood it to mean that the people who can become pregnant should have the legal right to decide to terminate a pregnancy.

But I agree with you completely that there should also be a loud voice for men in conversations about reproduction. (I address this in The Age of the Child, too, in which male characters are just as affected by a lack of birth control as are women.) I wonder if men aren’t writing about it very much, or if it’s that no one is interested in publishing it. I pitched this article to several publications, and crickets.

Or, I wonder if what men are writing about it are approaching it from an “us vs. them” perspective. When I read what some men write about how their point of view and circumstances should be considered, there’s almost invariably a slam on women’s rights efforts, which makes the valid complaint they’re trying to make read, instead, like an attack.

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