So you know, I give no room to the “fears” of men who would actually choose to do anything harmful to a woman. This isn’t about protecting men, actually — that part was tongue in cheek. It’s about women’s approach to dating right now, which is to tell men to talk to them or interact with them in JUST the right way.

Forget that — stop sitting back. Stop being passive. Stop wanting your needs to be ‘read.’ Take charge! You want it done a certain way? Do it yourself. Seriously. It drives me crazy that “feminists” are still sitting back and waiting for men to come to them (as long as it’s done correctly).

The only people who would be truly upset by this kind of shift in dating behavior are “incels” (I can’t take that word or category of people seriously) or heterosexual women who insist on being “the girl,” in the traditional sense. I’m not too concerned with what upsets either one of them.

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Author, THE AGE OF THE CHILD & others. Former adjunct prof & journo. Co-host, ChildfreeGirls series:

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