The birth control burden and who should bear it

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The “burden”?

  1. We must stop calling it that. Birth control isn’t a burden. It’s a protection, a liberation. An unwanted child is a burden.
  2. Females who don’t want to be pregnant should embrace the joy that is birth control.
  3. Males who don’t want to impregnate someone should embrace (and use) the marvel that is birth control.
  4. A person should never rely on another person to be the one who gets to use birth control. If you don’t want the baby, you get to use the birth control. Your body, your life, your choice.
  5. Between now and 2022, when male birth control might be as delicate as as gel rubbed on his shoulders, males should become (why are they not already?) passionate activists for more birth control options. Currently, there are only two for males outside of abstinence: condoms and vasectomies (and “only about a third (33.7%) of 15 to 44 year old men in the U.S. used a condom during their last sexual intercourse,” and many others wore them incorrectly).

6. Birth control is a gift, and we should all enjoy it in as many forms as we can. The more reliable/accessible/healthful, the better.

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Kristen Tsetsi is the author of the novel THE AGE OF THE CHILD: When a pro-creation Citizen Amendment leads to a ban on birth control and life sentences for abortion, politicians find babies abandoned on their doorsteps — and that’s just the beginning. “A powerful indictment about an all-too-possible United States. Tsetsi’s prose is luminous; it puts the lie to such corrupt and immoral political acts, and does so via an exciting drama that illuminates the hypocrisies of our time without flinching.”Alan Davis, author of So Bravely Vegetative

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